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SEO Geneva Ardan Michael Blum is a Yahoo SEO expert and lives in Switzerland . He is also the president of a SENIOR CITIZEN CHARITY which he founded over 10 years ago to offer senior citizens computers and social services in Western Switzerland. Ardan Michael BLUM CV: Swiss born, American citizen, speaks fluently or close to fluently 2 languages. He also joined MENSA in 1992.

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SEO expert Michael Blum has 9 years of experience and is able to offers his clients results with lasting, non sponsored, natural top search rankings for searches on YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MSN and map search placements.

What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is normally considered organic seo or natural SEO. SEO includes but is not limited to manipulating the site and it's architecture so it is more user, search, and search engine friendly so your site gets listed higher in the search listing results. Just a part of this manipulation is creation of unique content and keyword research.


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