How to write a Press Release

How to write a Press Release

Online Press Releases

When you are ready to launch a new online business a great way to drive targeted traffic to your new website is to write a great online press release.

Optimized Press Releases

When writing an optimized press release it is important to keep a few things in mind to avoid having your press release labeled as blatant self promotion or even worse SPAM! Even though a press release is still advertising it is important that it does not sound like advertising. An optimized press release should sound like someone else who has nothing to gain by the press release is just informing interested parties of a potentially interesting website or online business.

  1. Keep in mind while writing a press release that you want to convince the reader that you are providing valid, researched, information rather than just presenting your opinion. A great way to show the reader that the information contained in your press release is legitimate is to provide statistics. Numbers and facts will help give the press release some credibility. When providing statistics stick to simple numbers that help either illustrate or back up statements you made in the press release.

  2. Make sure the press release is written in an interesting manner. Be entertaining even when facts are being presented. Write your press release like a news article or something that is going to be read for entertainment reasons. Too dry a press release containing only facts and figures is not going to make interesting reading and will not create the same amount of buzz that a creative, entertaining press release would.

  3. When writing your press release do not constantly mention your URL or website. Most press releases will have a contact area for media and that area will give you the chance to provide the relevant domain name. Mentioning the website domain name by providing the full URL once in the body of the press release is also acceptable. Using the domain name in the press release anymore than that will make the press release seem like nothing more than a way to get free promotion and will be ignored by most of the people you want to read your press release.

  4. Be careful not to stuff your press release with keywords or sales jargon. Remember, a press release is not a sales pitch. It is an informational announcement. With a little thought and word crafting you can promote yourself, your product, and your website without sounding like a sales person.

Optimized Press Release Services

Now that you have carefully written your optimized press release you will need a press release service to take it to the net. There are many press release services online. Many are even free. The free press release services online do have limitations. These limitations are lifted when you upgrade to their paid services. Don't discard the free press release sites, you can still get plenty of mileage from their services.

Free Press Release Services

Here is a partial list of websites offering free press release services.

Free Press Release Marketing Service Online
Best fit for your online marketing strategies. Small, medium or large sized enterprises. North America, Europe, or wherever of the world. Distribute your press release to news engines and search engines immediately!

Free Press Release Distribution Service
PRLog is a free online press release service. You can submit your press releases at no charge. All of their services are free.

Press Releases is a Free Press Release Distribution Service where each business also has a full company profile to promote everything about its business.

PR Free
Communicate News

This is a Free Press release distribution service by 1888 Their calaim to fame is that they provide the latest company press releases.

Free Press Release Center
An online news and press release distribution service for small and medium-sized businesses and corporate communications. Our aim is to raise the standard for online news distribution.

Press Release Examples

Here is a list of Press Releases from Google, Apple, and a sample press release from Free Press Release Center.

Remember when you are submitting a press release it is important to use the right format otherwise it may be rejected.

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