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WordPress Warning – WP Business Directory Plugin Update

If you install the WP Business Directory Plugin Update Version 1.8.1 Be Prepared to Spend Time Fixing It!

Century 21 Real Estate Presentation Keywords Part Deux

Is there a reason to rank on a keyword phrase organically that you wouldn't be willing to pay for in your pay-per-click campaign?

Century 21 Real Estate Presentation Post

What % of Real Estate purchases begin on line? Google says that 80 percent to 90 percent of all real estate searches start online.

WebVisions Day Three – Augmented Reality

WebVisions was definitely an intense 3 days of learning, networking, and fun! 8-)

WebVisions: Workshops & 10th Anniversary Party

WebVisions today is all about workshops and of course the now famous WebVisions 10th Anniversary Party.

WebVisions Week Begins Tomorrow in Portland Oregon

WebVisions - workshops, sessions, panel discussions, parties, and events don't even consider not attending?

Newport News via Eugene & Oregon Cities, Missing the Largest Oregon Coast City

Newport News via Eugene and other Oregon Cities, Just missing the largest Oregon coast city by only this much.

Today is the LAST Day to Get Your Submissions in for the WebVisionary Awards

Have you submitted your sites for the WebVisions WebVisionary Awards yet? 8-)

Lunch 2.0 Today at Hot Pepper Studios The Founders of WebVisions

WebVisions Lunch 2.0 at Hot Pepper Studios in Portland Today 4-14-10. See you there!

Future – Web Design Technology – User Experience – Business Strategy

WebVisions the Future of Web Design Technology, User Experience, and Business Strategy.

Google Plot To Kill Local Search Engine Optimization and Web Design Firms

Is Google really taking aim at local SEOs and web designers with evil intent?
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