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bing and Baidu Partner

Posted • July 5, 2011 • Comments Off on bing and Baidu Partner

bing and Baidu Partner

Baidu and bing Partnership

baidu and bing partner
The Chinese search mogul Baidu and Microsoft announced yesterday they have struck a deal to offer bing web services in English. It’s expected to take place by the end of the year.


Baidu dominates the native language search in China with a whopping 83% of the market. With the English language searches increasing to as many as 10 million a day they were looking for a powerful partner. Google moved last year to Hong Kong to escape Beijing’s censorship.

A year and a half after Google pulled its popular search engine out of mainland China, partly over concerns about censorship, its rival Microsoft has struck a deal with the biggest Chinese search engine,, to offer Web search services in English.

Microsoft – bing

This partnership will allow Baidu to offer better English search experiences and results through Microsoft’s bing search engine.

bing's Baidu Rickshaw

Microsoft appears to be accepting the Chinese censorship with out missing a stroke. It looks like they are keeping their eyes on China’s 470 million internet user prize.

Google declined to comment on the partnership between Baidu and Microsoft. But Google says that search is not its biggest business opportunity in China. Instead, it is betting on selling ads to Chinese companies to show users outside China and selling display ads to run on non-Google Web sites, neither of which is dependent on search. Chinese advertisers spent $1.7 billion on display ads last year, one of the highest such spends in the world, according to Google. The company continues to employ 500 people in China and says revenue there is growing year over year.

Google Closed in China

If you are planning on entering the 470 million internet user Chinese market you might want to re-work your bing strategy. 😉

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