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Google Caffeine – The SEO Experts Speak

Posted • August 5, 2010 • 13 Comments

Google Caffeine - The SEO Experts Speak

Google Caffeine

SEO and Google Caffeine

As I sat requiring liquid caffeine this morning I figured I would check out the Google Caffeine updates in the SEO world. So I googled “Google Caffeine”.

Krups Espresso MachineYou will have to excuse me for a few minutes while I fix myself a cup of the real caffeine with my espresso machine…

While I was creating my 12 oz 4 shot americano with my 15 pump Krups espresso machine I was trying to come up with some sort of witty comparison with Google Caffeine. I couldn’t. The only comparison I could derive was that caffeine was supposed to speed you up, that’s probably why Google chose “Caffeine”.

Back to my Google search, I searched for using google caffeine for seo.
using google caffeine for seo search
(Post from Search Engine Optimizician.)
I chose a some of the top results and…
Seth Weintraub 
Seth Weintraub
New Google Caffeine search engine reinvents SEO

The results are what makes Google so popular and will be the true test of how good this new engine is. In my tests, the new Google pulls significantly different results than the old Google. For what I was searching for (my name, people I knew, events, computer hardware) the results were significantly better. In fact, it looks like the search keywords have become much bigger a factor than before. I’m seeing smaller sites rise to the top more overall.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists are going to have to go on a whole new formula for getting their clients to the top…and who knows exactly how this new Google search algorithm works? SEO people are going to have to start nailing down the new rules to Pagerank to keep their customers on top.

John Andrews 
John Andrews
Google Caffeine SEO Notes

There is some speculation that this will form a basis for the Google’s annual “screw the affiliates right around Thanksgiving, to have maximum impact on the holiday sales season” effort this year. If that’s true, I suppose it’s a good sign that Google finally recognizes the importance of such huge changes, and the need for more than a week or two of lead time. It also makes sense that Matt’s out front handling PR on this, since he has to face the webmasters at Pubcon in November.

I have yet to see any meaningful discussion of this new Google on the web, beyond basic observations on a few specific searches. But I’ll keep watching.

Aaron Wall 
Aaron Wall
Google Caffeine

In the new infrastructure so far I think there is…

  • an increased weighting on domain authority & some authoritative tag type pages ranking (like Technorati tag pages + Facebook tag pages), as well as pages on sites like Scribd ranking for some long tail queries based mostly on domain authority and sorta spammy on page text
  • perhaps slightly more weight on exact match domain names
  • perhaps a bit better understanding of related words / synonyms
  • tuning down some of the exposure for video & some universal search results

The ROI on effective SEO campaigns is simply unbelievable, and Google is going to do everything in their power to diminish the ROI of algorithmically focused optimization efforts. As the cost of memory drops and the algorithms improve, the next couple years might separate the men from the boys in the SEO space. Those improvements will drive many SEO practitioners into parallel fields like niche publishing and public relations. 5 years ago was the perfect time to start building your empire. But starting today is far better than starting tomorrow.

Mark Rushworth 
Mark Rushworth
SEO for Google Caffeine Part 1

There’s lots of speculation that Google will rank faster serving pages higher (based on comments made by Matt Cutts who said something about users liking sites that load quicker).

Personally I don’t believe that this will be a massive factor in Caffeine as it penalises site owners with limited budgets who may not be able to afford a dedicated server on pier1 or rackspace hosting etc… this doesn’t mean that their content is any less valid.

Dave Cosper 
Dave Cosper
New SEO Practices for a Google Caffeine World

The new approach catering to Caffeine appears to favor a more altruistic SEO model and rightfully so. Marketers will need to shift priority and think “relevance” rather than just links. Effectively deliver quality content – the high-level perspective is really that simple. Qualitative not quantitative, although if you can quantify quality you may be on to something. The old adage “build it and they will come” has more merit now than ever. I’m willing to bet most people already knew this was an important ranking factor, but what’s more interesting is how Google Caffeine is using brand new parameters to measure it.

To successfully adapt to the new blended search results we’re seeing out of Caffeine it’s going to be really important for SEO companies to push clients into the social realm. There are far too many opportunities to be missed with the advent of the Facebook “Like” feature and Twitter’s “Places of Interest”. I like these social links better than traditional links because they’re related to a specific user and open up all new gateways to social sharing and traffic.

Will Google Caffeine “Jolt” The SEO Community?

What may have seemed like a blatant attempt to pull a PR stunt on Starbucks with a code name “caffeine” inside the GooglePlex, is now poised to stir up the search engine result pages and the web as we know it.

It is logical to suspect that the “new caffeinated filters” will identify patterns of automation and parse and purge the existing index (like a process of refinement) by observing timestamps, IP ranges, semantic anchor text clusters and other unique signatures. Or on the contrary, will someone simply flip a switch and voila a new Google is unleashed?

Compare Google Caffeine 
Compare Google Caffeine

Welcome to our Google Comparison tool. Enter your query and we will return the results for both the new version of google and the existing version. The differnces between the two can be sublte as they essential run off a similar algorithm. By having the side by side you can see that there are some slight differences. If you have comments about this tool, please leave them on our New version of Google. This tool is based on a tool we previously did to compare google & bing. Please excuse the patchy design, but our focus was on the usability and doing something that worked !.

You can compare results from the old Google to the new Google Caffeine side by side.
Matt Cutts 
Matt Cutts
More info on the Caffeine Update

I joked that the half-life of code at Google is about six months. That means that you can write some code and when you circle back around in six months, about half of that code has been replaced with better abstractions or cleaner infrastructure. Six months is an exaggeration, but Google is quite serious about scrutinizing our codebase regularly and rewriting the parts that don’t scale well to make them more robust, more elegant, or faster.

Matt has broken links in this post 😉

So there you have it the “Google Caffeine” info from the SEO experts direct from Google search results.

I am sure there are more SEO experts who have posted on the subject but… hey they didn’t rank in the top SERPs.

As my coffee is finished so is this post on Google Caffeine.
Tongue in Cheek
I guess my tongue in cheek writing technique is at to high an altitude for some people.

It was pointed out that:

Sadly, only one of those quotes is from 2010, and that one is from May. The rest of the comments are all from 2009. This could be more informative if more recent information was used.

I thought it was obvious but guess I have to point out that I used Google (equipped with Caffeine) to search for “using google caffeine for seo”.

The quotes from above were gleaned from the top 10 listings. So where is the power from Google Caffeine? The results the new Google Caffeine search gave me information from May 2010 and 2009.

I have a suspicion that my regular readers picked up on the first go round.

Gary Pool SEO

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