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OneWay SEO Links – Directory Submissions Made Easy?

Posted • May 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

OneWay SEO Links - Directory Submissions Made Easy?

Submitting Your Website to Directories with OneWaySEOLinks

OneWay SEO linksEasily Increase Your Link Popularity, Google PageRank, Website Traffic And Profits. Hey, doesn’t everyone with a website want to do that?

I figured I’d join and check it out and report my finding back to you.

Our database lists OVER 400 of the TOP directories that accept one-way link submissions…

These websites start at PageRank 0 and go all the way up to PageRank 9!

There is absolutely NO charge for this service and you can use it in on as many websites as you like.

Does this sound too good to be true to you?
(Post from Search Engine Optimizician.)
Signing up was simple and easy enough. The usability and functionality of the website was another story all together.

Adding projects was simple and straight forward. Submitting them was another story all together.

Some of the time when I tried to access their directories clicking on the “directories” link the site tried to download a .php page.
download php page

Other times when I tried to access their directories I got a database error.

When it did actually work it took 2 minutes to open the page.
download speed
I have a fast internet connection.
Here is proof from

When I arrived at the directories page I was pleasantly surprised.
They had a clean looking interface that appeared to be very usable.

On with the experience.
OneWay SEO links tag line

They say Easily Increase Your Link Popularity, Google PageRank, Website Traffic And Profits Starting Today… Without Spending A Penny!”.

When I clicked on the directory they have listed second there was money required and even a reciprocal link if you wanted the best price.
directory_2directory_2_give me money

The first directory in their listings was another story.

I chose a category. I then clicked on the submit URL link and…

I got a 404 error. :-(
directory_1_page not found

I think there are easier ways to submit to directories and keep track of the submissions.

You can always build your own spreadsheet to track your directory submissions. There are also many sources for directories on the web.

I have even written a post on submitting to directories and how to find the most relevant ones.

So as far as OneWaySEOLinks goes…

Thank you for joining!

One of the best ways to achieve high rankings in the search engines is through link building. You absolutely must have numerous quality links to your site or you will never be found in the organic searches. Most webmasters don’t have a linking strategy, yet they wonder why their site lacks traffic and sales. Our goal is to help you easily gain hundreds of quality links to your site, without costing you a dime! Enjoy.

To get started, simply click Add Project. Enter a Title (eg. your site name) and URL. Then click Submit. Now click Directories and choose your Project from the drop-down menu to load all of the Directories (over 275!). Next you want to click on a Directory (the site will open in a new window) and manually submit your site. After you finish submitting your site, click Mark As Submitted. Enter your Anchor Text (eg. the title used in directory submission) and click Submit.

You can also gain access to 200 PageRank 4 – PageRank 9 High PR Directories by referring just 3 people to this site. Click Profile to access your Affiliate Link. You can view your Referral stats at any time by clicking Referrals.

Thanks for helping spreading the word about

Happy link building!

Jeff Alderson

I am not able to access the PR 4 to PR9 directories but if they are anything like the other list of directories they are not worth my time.

If I can get 3 people to sign up I will have access to those directories and I will report on it at that time.

While I am not recommending OneWaySEOLinks at this time I might sometime in the future if they actually get the project up and running on all cylinders.

Gary Pool SEO

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