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Making the Right Move – Uhaul, Truck Rental, Carpet Cleaning, and Locksmiths

Posted • April 22, 2010 • Comments Off on Making the Right Move – Uhaul, Truck Rental, Carpet Cleaning, and Locksmiths

Making the Right Move - Uhaul, Truck Rental, Carpet Cleaning, and Locksmiths

We Moved 3 Miles to the West and with Uhaul, Moving Boxes, Carpet Cleaning, & the Locksmith it Left a Gap in My Blogging

Uhaul moving truck
Well, as you have probably noticed my last blog post was pre-move. I had forgotten what a hassle moving was.

I never had to have my carpets cleaned before when we moved out.

Our old apartment management company required us to have the carpet cleaning done professionally or pay $150 per room for them to get it done.

Some of the things we considered when looking for carpet cleaners, other than price, was professionalism. Just how knowledgeable and reliable were they? With $150 per room on the table we didn’t want to make a mistake.

The door locks on our old apartment will need to be changed but at least that’s not our problem. We just turn in our keys and the rest will be up to our old apartment’s management company.

We will need to call the locksmith for any re-keying of any locks in our new place that we will want to change and to make new keys for our new digs.
moving boxes
We still have moving boxes all over the house. They are organized in neatly segmented areas by category. I didn’t realize we have so much stuff!!!

Over all the move was painless… We found the local Uhaul of great assistance. Not only did they supply the truck rental but, they also had a bin for recycling moving boxes and we scored there. We plan on returning not only the boxes we got there but others we were using when they are finally empty. We have already returned just short of a dozen. When we arrived to return the boxes we didn’t even have to go inside. We just handed them off to another young couple who had just rented a truck.
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We are sure we have made the right move. We have a great home overlooking the Columbia River if you are standing at the kitchen sink or at certain places on the front patio.

Columbia view

So there you have my moving saga.

When I thought about creating this post I figured it could have a marketing twist but I gave up. Well now that I have finished it, I see that the part about our local Uhaul having a moving box recycle bin is a blurb on one example of very good green marketing.

If you will just treat your customers with care you can have them help you give better customer service by giving them better customer service. You give your customers a place to recycle their moving boxes when they are finished with them and your new customers a place to pick up recycled moving boxes when they are just beginning.

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