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Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, & the Search Engines by the Numbers

Posted • March 1, 2010 • 1 Comment

Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, & the Search Engines by the Numbers

How Popular are Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz Compared to the Search Engines

twitter vs facebook
Last week a friend of mine, John Poling, forwarded me an email with some questions.

I figured I would make a blog post out of my answer. I have included both the forwarded email and the comment from John.

Hi Gary,

This update just landed in my in-box this morning. Why did I send it to you? Well you are the best person to ask about “how to get the best search results” that I know. I could send you a lot of questions that this email raised in my mind or I could just invite you to do the next BizNet program. Your comments please. I have had several BizNet members ask me about how to build a more professional. I always recommend that they contact you. I have no way to know if they do or not. Maybe you could school us on how to better work with you and each other to better use the Internet for our real estate, investment and small business purposes.

Thank You,
:-) JOHN

The forwarded email.

“This is also a good time for search marketers and marketers in general to think again about Facebook, if you haven’t already. More and more Facebook content has been made visible to search engines over the years.” Sullivan then goes on to say “Google’s move makes having Facebook fan pages even more essential. Without one, you’re missing out on a chance to be found within yet another area, Google’s real time results.”

Danny said it all – if you don’t have a page – now is the time!

Don’t forget in addition to the Notes, Links, Discussion and Wall (default tabs on a Facebook Fan page) you want to create custom tabs with FBML to make the page more compelling and a stronger marketing tool. If you don’t know how to work with code, let me know and I’ll be happy to get you a quote on us creating the page.

Got a Fan Page already? Send me the URL and I’ll take a peek and see if I have any suggestions to improve it. :)

To Your Success,

Jennifer Horowitz
Director of Marketing

While it is important to have a Facebook fan page is definitely not the most important. Once again your Internet marketing and search engine rankings are like feathers on a balance beam. The balance beam is the ranking scale and all we have to place on the scale to increase our rankings is feathers. So the more feathers you place the higher rankings are going to be. Therefore you should at least be aware of all of the social media.

You should concentrate on the social media that is most applicable to your product or service and your skills. You don’t overlook anything. Make sure to use what you’re best at promote yourself and your business.

Even though the Facebook Fan Pages updates now appear on the Google Real Time Search Results they are not alone.

The search results also include the following:

  1. Twitter tweets
  2. Google News links
  3. Google Blog Search links
  4. Newly created web pages
  5. Freshly updated web pages
  6. FriendFeed updates
  7. Jaiku updates
  8. updates
  9. TwitArmy updates
  10. Google Buzz posts
  11. MySpace updates
  12. Facebook fan page updates

(Post from Search Engine Optimizician.)
twitter numbers
According to Twitter.

Monday 2-22-10
Folks were tweeting 5,000 times a day in 2007. By 2008, that number was 300,000, and by 2009 it had grown to 2.5 million per day. Tweets grew 1,400% last year to 35 million per day. Today, we are seeing 50 million tweets per day—that’s an average of 600 tweets per second.

Matt McGeeIn a post by Matt McGee he quotes twitter as saying that they are currently seeing 50 million tweets per day which breaks down to about 600 per second.

And he brings up the question how does this compare to Facebook, known as the king of social networking and Google buzz, the new kid on the block.

tweets to facebook sharesEven though the numbers show there are more Facebook updates per second than tweets Matt’s post was tweeted 335 times as compared to only 39 shares on Facebook.


  • Facebook status updates: 700 per second
  • Twitter tweets: 600 per second
  • Buzz posts: 55 per second

Compared to searches:

  • Google: 34,000 searches per second
  • Yahoo: 3,200 searches per second
  • Bing: 927 searches per second


  • On Twitter, every post counts as a “tweet” no matter if it’s an original tweet, a comment from another user, a link being shared, a retweet, etc. All of those are rolled into one number.
  • Facebook’s number is only status updates. It doesn’t include comments from other users on someone’s status update, nor does it includes “likes” of a status update — both of which are popular activities on Facebook. More importantly, it also doesn’t include photos, links, notes, and all the other types of user activity that happen on Facebook.
  • Buzz was only two days old when Google published its numbers.

Danny SullivanUsing comScore’s recent worldwide estimates for Google, Yahoo and Bing Danny Sullivan did some division to come up with the following figures:

  • Google: 34,000 searches per second (2 million per minute; 121 million per hour; 3 billion per day; 88 billion per month, figures rounded)
  • Yahoo: 3,200 searches per second (194,000 per minute; 12 million per hour; 280 million per day; 8.4 billion per month, figures rounded)
  • Bing: 927 searches per second (56,000 per minute; 3 million per hour; 80 million per day; 2.4 billion per month, figures rounded)

So what does all this meet us. The numbers show me that social media and search are both here to stay. And we’d better step up to the plate and take as many pitches as possible. We no longer live in the world for doing one thing will get you the results that you want. We have to do everything that we possibly can, we have to do it often and we have to do a right.

Gary Pool SEO

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