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Building the Michelle Obama Brand – Obama Marketing Machine – Fashion

Posted • October 5, 2009 • 2 Comments

Building the Michelle Obama Brand - Obama Marketing Machine - Fashion

Using the Obama Marketing Machine to Build the Michelle Obama Fashion Brand

Michelle Obama as Mary Tyler MooreLet me preface this blog post on fashion and style with the statement: this post is coming from a guy that wears a Hawaiian shirt, white golf hat, and shorts nearly all the time.

As a member of the ObabaNation I am aware of the Obama “Marketing Machine”. A lot of people give them the credit for the Obama election results. I happen to agree with this. The other day I was in our local library and I saw a book that caused me to almost get whiplash. There was a book on the new release table titled “Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion” by Mandi Norwood. One review touts “The election of Barack Obama exhilarated the nation – and brought the most stylish, sophisticated, and fashion-conscious First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy into the White House.”

This picture from the book looks like Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) than Jackie Kennedy to me.

I will examine this phenomenon as a marketer and not as the late Mr. Blackwell or any one else with a style or fashion background.

This seemed interesting to me since my last recollection of Michelle Obama in the news was the faux pas with the Queen back in April of this year.


Much is being made of Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth’s embrace. As the First Lady and Queen chatted at the G-20 reception on Wednesday night, the Queen touched her hand to Michelle Obama’s back, and the gesture was then returned. Royal etiquette dictates that the Queen not be touched unless she reaches out first. Patting the Queen’s back, however, is almost unprecedented behavior in Buckingham Palace.

No-one – including the ladies-in-waiting standing nearby – could believe their eyes. In 57 years, the Queen has never been seen to make that kind of gesture and it is certainly against all protocol to touch her.

John Oliver was upset enough to drop his monocle when he found out the Queen had been touched. Michelle Obama met Queen Elizabeth II for the first time this week at the G-20 summit and set off a media freak-out when she put her arm around the royal.

Jon Stewart, like most Americans, thought this was just an overreaction to an arcane rule. But no, John Oliver explained that he’s not worried about the Queen but Michelle.

The Video

The Obama Marketing Machine

I am of the opinion that this incident put the “Obama Marketing Machine” in high gear. Since that fateful day back in April 2009 there have been 2 style/fashion books about Michelle Obama released and yet another is set to be released this month.

  • Michelle Style: Celebrating the First Lady of Fashion
    Published by William Morrow May 5, 2009
  • Michelle Obama: First Lady of Fashion and Style
    Published by Black Dog & Leventhal June 10, 2009
  • Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy
    Published by Center Street October 28, 2009

They have even launched a website to reinforce the comparison of Michelle Obama to Jackie titled Mrs. O “Follow the Fashion of Mrs O: What and Whom She’s Wearing

According to Whois records the website was created September 16, 2008 but the Wayback Machine tells another story. We will go deeper into the website in future posts.
(Post from Search Engine Optimizician.)
Michelle Obama's Style

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From time to time we will examine this subject an see the progress of the “Obama Marketing Machine”.

Here is some of the background information we will be using to examine our subject.
Stylist – Style Evolution: Michelle Obama
AOL Black Voices – Michelle Obama Fashion Pictures

Gary Pool

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