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PPC session – Google AdWords – Searchfest 2009

Posted • March 14, 2009 • Comments Off on PPC session – Google AdWords – Searchfest 2009

PPC session - Google AdWords - Searchfest 2009

The PPC session at Searchfest 2009 focused on Google AdWords

Moderator: Scott Orth

Scott OrthScott is the Vice President of Marketing Strategies at Pixelsilk responsible for launching the world’s most comprehensive SEO-enabled Content Management System.

Real-time marketing

  • Stellar Return on Investment
  • 40% searchers look to PPC for quality, local business
  • Easily Trackable

Brad Geddes – BG Theory

Google’s Quality Score

Brad GeddesChange your quality score rather than raising your bid
AdRank=(Quality Score)x(Max CPC)

  • Geographic performance reports
  • Relevance of keyword to ad copy
  • Separate keywords into ad group
  • BAD landing pages can hurt quality score more than everything else!
  • You don’t have to have the actual keyword on the page or in the copy. The theme has to be relevant.
  • Transparency
  • Navigation

Quality Score for Content

Quality Score is determined at the AD Group level

Next to each keywords lots of information available by clicking on the magnifying glass quality score icons.

Placement / Keyword Report

Keyword Quality Score


Things do change over time set up automatic reports to be sent to you.

Dan Sundgren – People Finders

Painting the Golden Gate Bridge

Dan Sundgren

  1. Define Metrics and Success
  2. Establish / Define / Improve Tracking
  3. Be Happy but Not Necessarily Thrilled with Landing Pages / Funnels
  4. Audit and Analyze Your Accounts
  5. Fix Your Structure – Ad Groups should be thematic in structure
  6. Expand and Contract Keywords –
  7. Refine Your Copy and Build a Testing Process
  8. Analyze budgets and Market Share – You need to be fearless in this environment
  9. Implement New Channels and OPS
  10. Repeat GYM

Joanna Lord – The Online Beat

Advanced Landing Pages

Joanna LordLanding Pages

  • Specific
  • Clean and concise
  • Call to action
  • Branded, Certified, Trusted

In-House Tactics

  • build out landing page templates
  • CMS
  • Auto-Expire pages
  • Preview / Q&A System
  • data collection
  • Auto-Remove Bad Performers

On-Site Tactics

  • A lot more complicated
  • see Monster
  • Secondary conversions
  • You need to speak to dual audiences
  • Addressing customer concerns

In conclusion

  • Anticipate your user flows
  • Go beyond the conversion
  • Push your testing
  • Look at your user experience rather than conversion…

Dan Hobin – G5 Search Marketing

Local PPC

Dan HobinMeasuring transactions from online to off-line.
Local Action Path

  • Search
  • SERP
  • Click
  • Landing page
  • Lead capture
  • Lead response
  • Onsite visit
  • Rental

How We Measure

  • Dynamic phone numbers
  • Web Forms
  • Dynamic Coupons

Results – What’s Working

  • Cost per visitor
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per customer
  • Money per customers
  • Number of customers

Gary Pool

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