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How to use the Black Hat SEO Mindset – Video By Matt Cutts from Google

Posted • February 18, 2009 • Comments Off on How to use the Black Hat SEO Mindset – Video By Matt Cutts from Google

How to use the Black Hat SEO Mindset - Video By Matt Cutts from Google

So you didn’t attend the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco?
Don’t fret this is valuable informative video will get you caught up and is well worth your investment of time. Matt’s video is also being touted as being of interest to all levels of SEOs.

Matt Cutts from Google posted this twenty minute video sharing with us the talk In November 2008 on a panel about “Preventing Virtual Blight” at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. During this video Matt goes over what has been coined to be “virtual blight,” or when a site or community becomes infected with spam. Matt also tells us how to take advantage of using the blackhat SEO mindset to keep our sites from being considered just another one of the blackhat websites.

Preventing Virtual Blight

  • web spam
  • parasitic SEO
  • black hats and white hats
  • don’t let people insert code on your site (javascript can crate a sneaky redirect)
  • do some security reviews

Use the Black Hat SEO Mindset

  • any successful system will bring out the spammers
  • if you’re being attacked, you’re doing something right
  • think like a black hat now to save yourself anguish

I’m making a resolution this year that when I do a substantial (not just Q&A) presentation at a conference, I’ll try to recreate a version of the talk later on for the people who couldn’t attend the conference. I’d like Google to communicate more and more this year, so this is another step to help with that.

You can also view the presentation slides Matt used or watch the slides below:


  • patch religiously (e.g. WordPress, Joomla)
  • ask webhost: any security break-ins? What cpanel version?
  • set up an alert for [ viagra]
  • check your server logs for weird requests
  • check your cached page on Google
  • check top queries at

Gary Pool

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