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Google, The Drifters, and Music Downloads

Posted • December 26, 2008 • Comments Off on Google, The Drifters, and Music Downloads

Google, The Drifters, and Music Downloads

Is Google selling the top spot on a search?

Google Music is this a service to Google users or is it just a new way to produce more revenue for the search giant? They have no actual Google music search like the do for Google images and Google maps. Is Google music just another avenue to send visitors to Google shopping? I must admit I have more questions than answers.

The Drifters

The other day before I posted my Christmas card to you, my readers, I did some research on “the drifters” and what was displayed is my Google news.
Google Search Results for The Drifters
This started me thinking… a while back Scott Hendison and I had a little back and forth on our posts about Google and Yahoo selling the first position in their search results without making it obvious. Scott’s post was is Yahoo Selling Out? and mine Can you buy a #1 organic listing in Google?

So I just clicked my way through the Google matrix.
Click number one
Click number 2
Every search goes to Google Music complete with AdWords links.
Click number 3
Whether Google is selling the #1 spot and covering it up, creating a new revenue stream by selling music and/or music ads, or just trying to give us more detailed information one thing is clear. Google is always finding more ways to make money.

Music Downloads

Now this extensive clicking did lead to music downloads of actual songs from The Drifters. I still have an alarm that goes off when a little iconic picture is on the left side of the search listing and there is no reference to a sponsored listing. This little episode really set this alarm to ringing. It left me with a few questions:

  • How much does it cost to get one of those little icons next to the number one listing on the search results page?
  • How much does it cost to get the “sponsored links” dropped from my search generated listing?
  • I guess I will have to ask my Google rep those questions.

Just some food for thought.

Gary Pool

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