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Tortas to Die for | Marketing for the Little Guy

Posted • July 22, 2008 • Comments Off on Tortas to Die for | Marketing for the Little Guy

Yesterday I visited a little bakery and deli shop I frequented when I lived in that part of town.

La Paz Panaderia Bakery and Deli, 11518-1 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97220 503-255-3792.

I had forgotten just how good their food really is. They have the best tortas I have ever eaten and being from San Diego I have been around plenty of tortas. Just in case you don’ know what a torta is. According to Wikipedia:

“A torta is a Mexican sandwich, served on an oblong 6-8 inch firm, crusty white sandwich roll, called a bolillo, telera or birote. Tortas can be served hot or cold.”


Every time I find my self at the counter I have a very difficult time in choosing the sandwich/torta I want the have so many tasty ones. My two favorites are the Cuban and the Mexican, both are equally outstanding. If you are really hungry you might try eating a whole one. I usually have them wrap each half individually and get two meals from one torta. The torta comes with a little container of hot sauce that you can pour just the exact amount for each bite. My mouth is watering just writing about it.

Now not only do the make the best tortas they also have a full line of pastries with a Mexican flare, smoothies everyone but me was ordering, and incredible jalapeño cheese bread. If you visit the Rose City area of Portland make sure to visit the La Paz Panaderia Bakery and Deli.

So where is the marketing you ask? You just read it. Word of mouth marketing is the basis of all marketing. Before the written word all marketing was by word of mouth and it is still the most trusted. Have you ever bought something because a friend recommended it to you?

Matt McGee even has a new post on his blog titled “Word-of-Mouth Marketing: It’s About Being Remarkable“.

“What does positive word-of-mouth do for you?

  1. It leads to positive offline and online mentions of your business.
  2. It creates repeat customers and introduces new customers.
  3. It sometimes creates links.
  4. It brings you closer to the ultimate goal of trust.

Positive word-of-mouth is a must for any business, and it’s a key element of the SEO Success Pyramid. Getting people talking about you is a great complement to other types of marketing, and can make them more effective. Word of mouth happens when you do Big Things like driving to pick up a customer who was in a car accident, and when you do little things like sending personalized notes after an in-store visit.

It happens when you surprise and delight your customers.

It happens when you treat every customer like s/he’s the only one you have.”

If La Paz Panaderia Bakery and Deli had a website I would link to it!

gary pool

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