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Ranking in Google | I Want to Rank High in Google

Posted • July 15, 2008 • Comments Off on Ranking in Google | I Want to Rank High in Google

Ranking in Google | I Want to Rank High in Google

Ranking on google

I hear “I want to rank high on google” a lot from new clients.

What do you do if you have 44 keywords in your meta keyword tags and you are only in the top 500 search results on only one of those keywords and that is only in two search engines?

Rankings over all - google, yahoo, and msn

By the way neither one of the search engines are google.

Can't Rank high in google

You need to start with your best ranking terms.

The best ranking keywords for the website

Well you do keyword research and figure out what keywords and keyword phrases are really worth optimizing for. You start with the most valuable and work your way through the rest of the choices.

keyword count daily competition
free background checks 3239 4673.3912 2650
background check 955 1377.9218 325000
background checks 698 1007.1093 469000
free background check 476 686.7966 9400
human resources 533 769.0391 3810000
human resources development canada 243 350.6126 1200
human resource management 219 315.9842 600000
workplace violence 132 190.4562 18000
violence in the workplace 52 75.0282 877

Keyword Research – Writing Copy

Once you have all your keywords and keyword phrases selected you can begin organizing them into theme related term categories. Now you take each of these theme related categories and create outlines for your copywriter to create your web site content. When you need a freelance writer that’s OK, you can write the content your self If you have the time. It is just a matter of which you have more of time or money. If you have more time than money give writing your own copy a try. If you have the money it is best to hire a copywriter. Or even better yet give me a call and I will handle everything for you. 503-616-4SEO (4736)

gary pool

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