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LinkedIn Portland Soiree/Par-tay

Posted • June 10, 2007 • Comments Off on LinkedIn Portland Soiree/Par-tay

LinkedInDavid Black came up with an outstanding idea: LinkedIn members in Portland getting together in person for a networking party.

WOW! It was great.

I partied on the patio with Silverhawk (the band) and all the networkers came to me.

Silverhawk is classified as Psychedelic / Americana / Rock
Silverhawk’s MySpace Site

  • Sam Densmore: Vocals, Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
  • John Densmore: Vocals, Bass, Guitar
  • Rob Allison: Drums, Vocals
  • Anthony Cotham: Keys, Vocals

The house was one of the Street of Dreams Homes supplied by the builder John Fazzolari.

The LinkedIn event was complete with door prizes, a roaming magician Dale Dvorac, a massage therapist Teresa Lundy, great food it was a pot luck, and wine compliments of David Barringer and the Naked Winery.

Join in at the next PDX Linked in networking party. You can add me as your connection: , or send me an email and I will send you an invitation my email is: garypool dot seo at gmail dot com.


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